Centrifugal Transfer Pumps & Control Panel

Previous Next Centrifugal Transfer Pumps & Control Panel Enhance your water and wastewater treatment processes with our package of 2 Centrifugal Transfer Pumps and a matching Control Panel. This high-quality equipment includes: 2 Centrifugal Transfer Pumps: Designed for efficient and reliable fluid transfer. Matching Control Panel: Ensures seamless operation and precise control over the pumping […]

Complete Pre-Treatment Wastewater System

Previous Next Complete Pre-Treatment Wastewater System Optimize your wastewater management with our Complete Pre-treatment Wastewater System, designed to handle up to 100,000 gallons per day. This state-of-the-art system is equipped with everything you need for efficient pre-treatment, including: Feed Pumps: Ensure consistent flow rates for optimal treatment. Floc Tube: Facilitates effective coagulation and flocculation. Mix […]

E Series screw press

Previous Next E Series Screw Press (Buy or Rent) This brand-new unit comes equipped with a comprehensive 12-month manufacturer warranty and includes spare parts, ensuring peace of mind and continuous operation. Whether you’re looking to purchase or rent, the E Series Screw Press offers flexible acquisition options to suit your specific needs. Invest in the […]

Poseidon DAF

Previous Next Poseidon Dissolved Air Filtration (DAF) Unit Enhance your water treatment with the Poseidon DAF Unit, fully crafted from durable stainless steel. This unit features intuitive controls and intact internal media, ready for immediate use. Requires an aeration unit, available upon request. Suitable for flow rates of 50 to 110 gpm, it delivers efficient […]

VanAire DAF (Dissolved air flotation) System – SOLD

Previous Next VanAire DAF (Dissolved air flotation) System – SOLD All SS DAF with aeration, PLC Controls.  This unit was built in 2021 and has been used for less then one year.   It’s a great unit and it will be cleaned before delivery.  Get In Touch Product Specs Product Specs Flow rate on DAF is […]

VanAire Aeration Unit

Previous Next VanAire Aeration Unit This VanAire Aeration unit provides micro bubbles that are used in a DAF unit to float suspended solids to the surface. This unit has a brand new motor that was installed less than a year ago. Unit will be thoroughly cleaned before delivery Get In Touch Product Specs Product Specs […]


Previous Next P-Tec DAF Units (2) Stainless steel construction. 2 units available.  Control panel included. Single aeration pump included on each DAF. Get In Touch Product Specs Manufacturer Information Product Specs Average flow: 300GPM each.  6-inch inlet 10-inch outlet.  Dimensions: 9ft W x 20ft L x 8ft H. Material: Stainless steel construction. Manufacturer Information P-Tec […]

VanAire Floc Tube

Previous Next VanAire Floc Tube Get In Touch Product Specs Manufacturer Information Product Specs Condition: Used Model No.: PM200 0001-5772 S/N: 1811-FT Design Capacity: 27-74 Manufacturer Information VanAire Inc Contact Us About This Equipment Interested in this piece of equipment? Have questions? Let’s talk! schmitztreatmentproducts@yahoo.com

USFilter PolyBlend

USFilter PolyBlend equipment

Previous Next USFilter PolyBlend The Polyblend® M-Lo Series liquid polymer feed system provides consistent and accurate dosage to improve polymer efficiency. It offers all of the benefits of the best available polymer preparation system at a competitive price. The ready-to-install system provides consistent and accurate dosage and improves polymer efficiency. Seven models are available with outputs […]

Endress Hauser Manual Mag Meters – SOLD

Previous Next Endress Hauser Manual Mag Meters – SOLD Proline Promag W 300 Electromagnetic Flowmeter. Specialist for demanding water and wastewater applications with a compact, easily accessible transmitter. Reliable measurement at constant accuracy with 0 x DN inlet run and no pressure loss. Dedicated to the measurement of industrial or municipal water and wastewater. 2 […]